Budget Cellos and Violins

Excellent value in budget violins and cellos for beginners,
young players and more experienced music students.



Our Recommended Instruments for Beginners and Young Players

As important as the choice of instrument is the set up: quality of tone and ease of playing depend on this. The right strings, a well cut bridge, suitable position of the sound post, a bow with strength and flexibility - are all examples of what a well-adjusted instrument needs. As well as full-size (4/4), consideration may also be given to 7/8, 3/4, 1/2 or other size cellos and violins.


From the many makes of violin available, from various countries, we have pre-selected instruments that offer the best sound and value for money.

We recommend the Eastman range for budget violins. They are excellent tonally and maintain a consistent level of quality. We offer them with upgraded strings, a good bow and a shaped or an oblong case.

Old Violins

From about £800, we recommend and offer old violins. Each one has been individually selected and restored. An old violin is a piece of history - that can be sensed in the sound quality. A good investment that will hold its value. (See the Medio Fino and Caussin Vosges violins.)


Violins For Purchase

violin1thumb violin2thumb violin3thumb violin4thumb



We also recommend the Eastman range for budget cellos. This is because the quality of workmanship is consistent across their different models.


Cellos For Purchase

prima200cellothumb concertantecellothumb mastercellothumb


For assistance with finding an instrument at the right price,
call me on 020 8958 4456.
I'll be happy to help.




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