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Violins For Sale


We sell new, used and antique violins.

Only a small proportion of violins have a really good tone.
However, with the right adjustment, many can be made to work.

A top player knows instantly which violins have the real sound.
For this reason we have engaged Mihkel Kerem (soloist, chamber musician orchestral leader and prolific composer) to test our violins. We work together to adjust and maximise tone quality.

Players have been conditioned to think that a violin with a wonderful tone will cost a fortune.
The reality is that many expensive instruments do not have a good sound.
It is possible to find a wonderful sounding violin for a relatively small outlay.

We only sell violins that sound good: come and try them for yourself.



Choosing a violin can be a confusing experience, because generally there are many instruments for sale on the market.

We aim to solve this problem by offering pre-selected violins.

We have a good selection of old French violins, made in Mirecourt c.1870-1930. They have a powerful, clear tone that will travel to the back of a hall.

For players seeking a darker, sweeter sound, we have old German violins dating from c.1850.

All these instruments are good investments that will keep their value. They can be traded in at a later date should you be seeking an upgrade.



We offer individually made violins by fine modern young European makers who we know personally. These selected instruments for sale have a fine response and tone quality that will further improve with careful playing. They represent part of a living tradition and offer excellent value.



We offer good modern Chinese violins for sale, made to a very high standard in a workshop with which we have a personal connection. These violins are hand varnished with high quality fittings and strings. They are set up with the same care as higher priced instruments.



Violins are made in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 sizes. All these sizes are readily available from the modern Chinese workshop. We also stock old French and German 3/4 and 1/2 size violins.



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