Investing in Fine Old Stringed Instruments

The value of investing in fine old cellos and violins.



Investing in Old Cellos and Violins


Many people ask me about the investment value of old violins and cellos. This article considers some important aspects of this subject.

The track record of old stringed instruments prices show them to be excellent as investments. The price of stringed instruments has only ever moved in one direction. In living memory, their value has increased probably more than that of any other commodity.

This has occurred because here is limited supply and ever increasing demand. The number of people around the world who want fine instruments is growing. That’s why they are becoming harder to find. Of course, there is also the added benefit of having a fine instrument to play.

It is better for violins and cellos to be played regularly, provided that they are carefully handled and fully insured. Owners can be surprised by the regular need to increase the insurance valuation. Such increases in value only apply to instruments of recognised provenance. Remember that a maker’s label is no proof of authenticity.

There is a strong market in old instruments. I can offer clients the possibility of buying an instrument which can later be traded in for an upgrade. They will get back at least the price they have paid, sometimes more. This is particularly relevant for student sizes: 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 violins and cellos. This also brings the advantage of there being less to pay when you finally purchase the full size instrument.


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