Violin and Cello Bows

Bows for our stringed instruments.




We try to find a suitable bow for each client.

We have old French and German bows and excellent Chinese silver mounted bows.

We offer a discount when a bow is bought with an instrument.


Choosing A Bow for Cello or Violin


When you want to buy a bow for your cello or violin there are many to choose from. This article offers some help for selecting a bow.

A bow needs to have the right qualities. Look for a bow that feels right for weight and balance. Check whether it has sufficient vertical and lateral strength. Vertical strength stops the bow from collapsing on to the string. Lateral strength keeps the bow from bending sideways.

Lateral Strength
Check for lateral strength by looking along the stick of your bow with one eye closed.
If a cello bow bends slightly to the left, it will have little strength: if to the right, it will be stronger than if it were straight.
With violin bows it is the reverse - a bow is weak when it bends to the right.
Bows can be reshaped, but this should be left to an expert. All the bows I sell have been adjusted to give sufficient lateral strength.

Expensive bows are not necessarily good to play with. A bow needs to be well made from good wood. After this, the usability and the price of a bow do not necessarily coincide. Naturally, you can expect more refinement from a bow of quality, but a high price doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a good playing stick. Be selective and take advice from an experienced player when choosing a bow.

Frequently, the question arises whether you should upgrade your bow at the same time as your instrument.

When you want to upgrade your instrument, it is advisable to test it with a good quality bow. The one you have been using may not produce the best sound. However, it is better to choose your instrument first, then find a bow that works well with it.


For assistance with finding the right bow,
call me on 020 8958 4456.
I'll be happy to help.



*Did you know that each bow produces a certain harmonic series? Sometimes, when we are dissatisfied with our instrument, the problem can be that the bow being used may not suit the instrument.

*While players are testing our instruments we like them first to use one of our bows: then we ask them to compare the sound with that of their own bow: usually they are rather surprised.

*Each player needs a bow which compliments their instrument: one that produces the right harmonic series, comfortable in weight and balance.

*Bows may need straightening or respringing to make them work well: this is another of our specialities.


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